Enjoy our '71 Street Vette Videos......

North FLorida Corvette Assoc. 50th Anniversary Photo Shoot - World Golf Village, 03/15/2014

The N.F.C.A. held a photo shoot at the WGV near St. Augustine in celebration of their 50th anniversary. They also had a drone take ariel footage. Our Corvette is parked in the front right side.

video of our Corvettes at WGV

Drone video

Vette Brakes Products Commercial Shoot - Green Cove Springs, 06/23/2007

We were invited to bring our Corvette to the video shoot. They were trying to simulate a racing situation, but it didn't really work out and they never used any of the footage in a commercial. It was fun to do anyway.

Vette Brakes Commercial Shoot

Raw video footage that we took

Roebling Road Raceway, 11/24/2006
Video from Roebling Road

Video from Roebling Road

1971 Corvette - Gainesville Dragway, 11/10/2004

We drove the Corvette to Gainesville & ran the car on its street setup. This is a run between Dave #24 & our friend, Casey Miller, #34.

Street Corvette at Gainesville

Video taken at Gainesville

Time Slip

Time Slip.

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