Back At The Track...

Race Vette Graphic
1972 Corvette LT-1 Convertible (2013)

Body by Advanced Composite Products
Motor by Byron Koury
Stahl headers w/ Spiral Turbo Specialties baffles
American Racing Torque Thrust wheels: 8.5x15 front, 10x15 rear
Grooved race tires: Hoosier Street TD

Little History...

A couple of years have passed since we sold the GT-1 Oldsmobile race car.  Now, a few years into retirement it appeared that we wouldn't starve on our budget.  Rather than get back into campaigning a full-on racecar, we decided to try a vintage racecar that we could use to do some vintage events or even some track days.  It is easier on the budget, driver and especially...the crew.

One of our racing buddies, Mike Harrison, had a old Corvette coupe that had been stored for a while and needed some TLC.  This car has a racing history dating back to  the early '80s in SCCA club races.  What a wonderful 65th birthday present from the wife!

Dave and a friend, Keith Corderio, made the 6 hour trek to S. Carolina to pick up the car.  Of course it rained the whole trip!  The ride up was uneventful and after loading up and reminiscing with Mike, they started the long haul home.

The return trip (in the rain) went fine until 8:30pm as they were just a little south of Savannah.  With no warning the truck died.  No coaxing could bring it back to life.  Short story...long night of phone calls to wives, the insurance company and towing companies.  About 4 hours later, the truck and trailer got towed to a small town Chevy dealer that happened to have a nice motel across the street.  (Check in around 1:00am)

After a short night's sleep, Dave & Keith returned to the Chevy dealer, who said he would try to get to it that afternoon.  They were wonderful!  They replaced the crankshaft position sensor and the truck was running by noon.  After the eventful, 24 hour trek home, the car was safely in our race shop.

In 2013, we took the car down to the frame and started a complete rebuild.  Over the next three years, with the help of Keith Corderio, we built a legal SVRA or HSR race car.

You can view the photo documentation of the build by clicking on "The Build" link at the top of this page.  Check out the other links to see photos/reports & videos of events we have attended.

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