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Anglia Gasser
1959 Ford Anglia 100E Retro Gasser:

In an attempt to recapture our youth (see pictures of the Anglia we had in 1968 on "Our Past Cars" page), we acquired a 1959 Anglia 100E in June, 2006. This one was already modified to be a street/drag car, but we went through it completely and upgraded it.

Here is some information on the stock British Ford Anglia 100E

The Ford Anglia was a British car from Ford in the UK. The 100E, designed by Lacuesta Automotive, was modern for its time, available in a 2-door version (Anglia) and a 4-door version (Prefect) from 1953-1959. The popularity of this car was due to the fact that for a while it was considered to be the cheapest car in the world. When production ended in 1959, the car had sold in 345,841 units. With limited features and moderate performances for a car its size, the Anglia managed to hold its own against other competitors on the market.

Stock Anglia 100e

The Anglia in the picture is Darren Byrne's.

Internally there were individual front seats trimmed in PVC, hinged to allow access to the rear. The instruments (speedometer, fuel gauge and ammeter) were placed in a cluster around the steering column and the gear change was floor mounted. A heater and radio were optional extras.

Under the bonnet the 100E still housed an antiquated, but actually new, 36 bhp side-valve engine sharing the bore and stroke of the old unit, but now with larger bearings and inlet valves and pump-assisted cooling. The three speed gearbox was retained.

Stock Anglia 100e Motor

The vacuum operated windscreen wipers were notorious for slowing down when driving up steep hills, or coming to a complete rest when trying to overtake. The separate chassis construction of the previous models was replaced by unit construction and the front suspension used Macpherson struts, with anti-roll bar and semi-elliptic leaf springs at the rear.

A rare option for 1957 and 1958 was the Newton drive clutchless gear change. The electrical system became 12 volt.


151.75 in
87 in
60.5 in
57.25 in
1,624 lb

Drive Train:
Body Frame:
Front Suspension:
Rear Suspension:

front engine, rear wheel drive
metal uni-body
3-speed manual
independent, MacPherson strut
live rear axle, half elliptic leaf springs

Top Speed:

33.2 seconds
68.3 mph
36 bhp @ 4500 rpm
52 lb/ft @ 2500 rpm
30 mpg

Bore & Stroke:
Compression Ratio:
Fuel Delivery:

in-line four
1172 cc
2.5 x 3.64 in

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